Celebrating 10 years of growth, impact and greater innovations with over 200 projects, 80% of which focused on SMEs. Following up with steady growth and expertise, Ciuci Consulting celebrates its 10th year anniversary, honouring the NiBC 10. Ciuci over the years, has carried out over 200 projects, with 80% of them focused on SMEs, Ciuci has significant intelligence that supports the fact that SMEs are essential to Nigeria’s economic development. As such, Ciuci is committed to the continued support of this sector.

The Ciuci @ 10 anniversary event reflects the company’s achievements and impact in the last 10 years. With its partnership with the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Ciuci will be launching the Nigeria Business Composite (NiBC 10). The NiBC 10 is a group of selected businesses Ciuci has worked with to achieve remarkable improvement at different stages. The listed companies include:

  • Bestman Games Limited
  • DBH Solutions Limited
  • Everyday Supermarket
  • Healthcare Leadership Academy
  • House of Tara
  • Iya Foods
  • L’Avyanna
  • Massey Street Children Hospital
  • PHN – Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria
  • Ugo Monye

The event will take place at the Nigerian Stock Exchange, where Ciuci Consulting will be a part of the Stock Exchange closing bell.