Ciuci Consulting is in the business of helping its clients achieve world class operations. We work with our clients to develop operational strategies that help them solve their most critical operational issues.

The typical operations challenge our clients encounter are found in the following areas:


Here, we ensure that the manufacturing strategy matches the overall business strategy. Some of the challenges faced by manufacturing business today include quality control and cost minimization. Ciuci helps clients make the right choices in these areas.


Typically represents a significant portion of the overall costs in many industries making it a key strategic operation with a huge impact on profitability. We work with our clients to improve their procurement related processes.

Service Operations

We help in transforming operations in service industries. Customer service has a critical impact on customer acquisition, customer retention and cost management. The success of a service oriented company is dependent on how well its operations are designed to meet the needs of key customer segments.

Product Development

We work with our clients to develop efficient product development processes. In order to increase and sustain a client’s revenue growth, products should be developed to meet customer needs.

Supply Chain Management

Here, we are concerned with helping our customers optimize processes and systems that affect the seamless delivery of a product to the customer. Areas typically assessed include the production processes and logistics.