Travel and hospitality

The Nigerian Travel industry generates over $6billion in annual sales from local and international Air Travel. The increased focus on emerging markets for investment and tourism opportunities has resulted in an influx of people from all parts of the world. The expansion in Air Travel is also partly responsible for the growth in the demand for hotels and accommodation within the hospitality sector.

The hospitality industry is experiencing unprecedented growth as strong international brands begin to establish operations in Nigeria. Driven by the activities of the Oil and Gas, Banking and Telecom companies, the occupancy rates of local hotels has increased drastically and hotels continue to enjoy operating profits that are comparable to those of hotels in Europe, Asia and America.

In the face of this remarkable growth in the aviation and hospitality sectors, airline companies and hotels are faced with the challenge of sustaining growth and profits. They also encounter operational and human resource challenges which directly affect the quality of service they provide.

Ciuci Consulting has developed strong expertise in providing business improvement services to companies in the Travel and Hospitality industry. We possess a sound understanding of the workings of the industry and as such are well positioned to provide valuable advisory services to stakeholders within the industry.